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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

By SDK-admin | Sep 25,2019

Guide To Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

Guide to Laser Hair Removal Treatment: I have a problem; I work in the med spa industry and I keep getting asked about laser hair removal treatments. Customers or prospects keep asking me questions that I thought were common knowledge.

Through research I found that these questions have not been answered over the internet so I have chosen to write about Laser hair removal treatment and make this guide for all of your laser junkies, so you can be a laser expert.

How many Laser Hair Removal treatments are there?

There are many laser hair removal treatments in 2019. The most common include legs, Brazilians, back laser hair removal, lip hair removal, and full facial hair removal.

However, some of the more recent and more rare laser hair removal treatments include ­­­back of next laser hair removal, full Brazilian, and

Each one of these treatments is different from one another, but they all share the same goal which is to remove unwanted hair.

There are currently 35 laser hair removal treatments in 2019. This amount could go up depending on the development and research of laser hair removal

Making sure that you pick the right treatment for your needs is crucial for your success and happiness after getting laser.

Now that we have discussed just how many laser treatments there are, lets discuss how many it takes to completely remove your hair. Because let’s face it that is why we all want laser hair removal treatments. We want our hair gone!

How many laser hair removal treatments does it take to completely remove hair?

It takes about 5-10 laser sessions to completely remove hair in a particular area. If a Medispa is doing this correctly the number should be closer to 5.

However, most Medispas do not spent the money on proper equipment and highly trained laser technicians and this leads to poor results and more $essions.

Above it all you want to go to a Med Spa that is top of the line and has the best equipment and results possible. The Med Spa industry is kind of like the construction industry in a way.

Take a contractor who builds houses for 100,000.000 that is a new builder then take another contractor who builds the same house for 200,000.00 who has tons of experiences and reviews in the industry and market.

Which house do you think is going to turn out better? We can almost all say that the 200,000.00 house will turn out much better. It is no different with the MedSpa industry.

You get what you pay for and if a Laser Hair Removal Treatment clinic is offering very low prices; odds are you will not get the results that you want.

How many laser sessions to get rid of leg hair?

One of the most frequent questions we get about laser hair removal is leg hair. People come to us that have tried it all waxing, shaving, sugaring etc. However, none of these keep the hair away.

The hair always seems to find its way back. Well with laser hair removal that problem is long gone, that is, if you are using the right med spa.

To get rid of leg hair the average amount of session would be 5-7. This being said there is some customers that are not the perfect customers for laser hair removal.

The best and quickest results for clients looking to get laser hair removal and people white more pale skin and dark hair. So, as you can guess the timelier laser hair removal clients are people with dark skin and light hair.

How many laser treatments do you need?

How many laser treatments you need depends on the type of treatments you want, as well as the area of hair you want to improve.

For instance, back or leg laser hair removal takes longer than lip laser hair removal or facial hair removal.

Laser hair treatments vary from 5-15 in some cases to completely get rid of hair. Laser treatments need to be discussed before setting up appointments and the clinic will let you know how many sessions you will need.

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