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How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Does It Take To Fully Get Rid Of Hair?

By SDK-admin | Oct 20,2019

The amount of Laser hair removal treatments differs per person and per Medspa, however, in our spa, we found that the average number of sessions to get rid of unwanted hair in a given area takes 5-10 session.

Below are some average number of sessions depending on hair and skin type.

  • Dark Hair Pale Skin: 4-5 Treatments
  • Dark Hair Tan Skin: 6-7 Treatments
  • Dark Hair Dark Skin: 7-10 Treatments
  • Light Hair Pale Skin: 5-6 Treatments
  • Light Hair Tan Skin- 6-7 Treatments
  • Light Hair Dark Skin-7-10 Treatments

There is no set answer to the question How many laser hair removal treatments does it take to fully get rid of hair however, we can safely say that based on the data above it takes 5-10 sessions per treatment area.

How many laser hair removal treatments for face?

 There are many different types of laser hair treatments regarding the facial area. Above it all, treatments typically take 5-7 sessions per treatment area.

The face, compared to some other larger treatment areas takes less time than other larger treatment areas. Usually, there is less hair on the face compared to other parts of the body and this makes it easier and faster for laser treatments.

 Laser hair removal treatments for bikini

 The Bikini area takes typically more sessions than other laser treatment areas because of the sensitivity and amounts of hair in that given area.

Typically, we see closer to 7-8 sessions with the Bikini area. Above it all though these numbers differ from person to person so give and take some of the numbers depending on your skin color and hair color.

You can use the bullet points listed in the first paragraph above to figure out where you stand with your skin type. If you have pale skin with dark hair you are typically the best candidate for laser hair removal and you will typically see treatment time and number of sessions go down.

How many laser hair removal treatments for Brazilian?

Brazilians are similar to bikini but cover a larger area. Brazilian laser hair removal includes the bikini area as well as the buttock area. This large area includes typically includes more treatments and more time per session.

Depending on the type of hair and how much hair.

The typical amount of treatments for a Brazilian in closer to the 7-10 treatments range. This, as well as the legs, are typically the most time-consuming treatment area.

  Laser hair removal treatments for legs

 It takes 6-8 laser hair removal sessions to completely remove all unwanted hair. Now you may be thinking that’s not too bad compared to the Brazilian or bikini line, however, legs take the most time per session because it is the largest treatment area.

There are different options for leg hair removal though. You can do the whole leg area as 1 treatment or just purchase leg hair removal from knee up or knee down.

By separating the leg area, you will be not only saving time but if your hair isn’t as bad knee up or knee down it could solve the issue for you.

 How long in do I need to wait in between laser hair removal treatments?

So how long are you supposed to wait before getting your next laser hair removal treatment?

Typically, you are supposed to wait 2-3 weeks and sometimes longer depending on how long you have been in the sun and how big of a treatment area you are doing.

You can accelerate the process and get laser hair removal may be every 2 weeks however this could turn into more treatments later.