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How Long Does It Take For Laser Hair Removal To Work?

By SDK-admin | Nov 4,2019

Laser Hair Removal typically takes a couple of min for each treatment area. Depending on the hair type and hair color these sessions could take longer.

For instance, the back area would take longer than the arm area because it is a much bigger treatment area and calls for more treatments.

If you are looking for something that is quick, effective and offers lasting results then laser hair removal is the treatment for you.

What Is Laser Hair Removal & How Does It Work?

Laser Hair Removal is considered a cosmetic procedure that removes hair with low impact lasers. Typically, you need about 5-7 treatments of laser hair removal for the unwanted hair to go completely away.

Laser hair removal works by targeting unwanted hair and zapping the hair follicles from the roots which slowly kills the hair follicle from the origin so that it won’t grow back.

Above it all,  Lasers work so much better than waxing or other hair removal alternatives because it stops hair growth from the start. Waxing or shaving simply removes hair temporality.

Shaving or waxing won’t give you the results you are looking for if you are trying to get rid of hair permanently. If you are trying to get rid of hair indefinitely you want to make sure you that you are using a laser hair treatment because that is the own

Is laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser Hair Removal is very safe and technology keeps on advancing for more of pain-free experience. Laser Technicians and customers are required to wear special laser blocking glasses in order to make sure there is no damage done to the eyes during the treatment.

Some minor side effects such as red skin or raised skin might occur for a couple of days after your treatment however these effects will go away on their own in a couple of days.

Other than that, LHR is a simple and very harmless procedure that provides great lasting results. If you live in the Strongsville area and want to learn more about laser hair removal Schedule a Consultation with Skin Deep Laser Spa and get answers to all your laser questions.

Tips For Long-lasting Hair Removal

Looking for some tips on how to make sure your laser hair removal treatments go smoothly? Here is a list we created of techniques and good practices that you should use in order to maximize your laser hair removal results.

  • Stay out of the sun-After and before treatments it is important to keep your treatment areas out of direct sunlight for at least a week before and after treatments.
  • Shave 24 hours before you get treatment- Laser Hair Removal works best when you shave with a razor 24 hours before treatment starts
  • Shower- before going into your first appointment is important to shower to make sure that your treatment area is clean.
  • Be Consistent- Make sure that you show up to each appointment that you are scheduled for because laser hair removal technicians and experts know the best time frames to wait in between hair removal appointments in order to maximize results.