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What is the best at home laser hair removal treatment?

By SDK-admin | Nov 21,2019

There are many ways to do at home laser hair removal. There are many at-home laser hair removal treatments but how do I know they work?

 Well in this brief but to the point blog post we are going to tell you the best remedy for at home laser hair removal. Above it all we are going to provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best choice for your budget and your needs.

So, what is the best at home laser hair removal treatment?

Here is a list of the best at-home laser hair removal treatments. This is in order from the best results to worst results.

  • Tria Hair Removal Laser From Tria Beauty

  • Remington Ilight

  • Silk’n infinity hair removal

  • IPL Laser Hair Removal

  • Braun- Silk Expert 3

Above it all, you should pick the best product that fits your idea needs. However, none of these products are going to get you the results that a Laser Spa would give you.

At home laser hair removal vs going into a spa

What are you losing by doing it yourself rather than going to a Medspa or Laser Hair Removal Spa? #1 you are losing a professional touch. The Laser technicians that work in med spas went to school for laser hair removal and have the best practices and results possible.

#2 Medspas know what they’re doing, you don’t. They know exactly how many treatments your hair type will need to completely and permanently remove hair. You will be guessing and the results you will get with an at-home remedy will not compare to a trusted laser spa.

If you want the best possible results you will skip the $300 at-home laser kit and go to a real spa that has the best equipment in the industry which leads to way better results.

The only upside for at-home laser hair removal is that it is very inexpensive. For instance, the most expensive at-home laser kit is around $500. However, for laser hair removal what you pay is what you get.

If you buy one of these cheap do it yourself laser hair removal kits the results are going to be terrible and you might actually end up damaging your skin. However, if you were too

 what do you lose and gain?

Its pretty simple actually. Laser Hair Removal at home is going to get you fewer results (and by less we mean little to no results) then if you were to go to a laser spa and buy a package to completely remove the hair.

You are losing quality and professional results. If you want lasting results that permanently remove hair, go to a real laser hair removal spa and see the results first hand.


The choice is up to you but let me put this into perspective for you. Even someone like me who has tried both at home and professional laser hair removal treatment always chooses professional because I care about my skin and want the best possible results possible.

Laser Hair removal is like getting a tattoo and you going to buy a tattoo kit and tattoo yourself? No, because the results you would get from doing that would be absolutely terrible.

In the end, we suggest you go to a professional spa tell them your needs and they will give you the best possible price they can for the service and results that you want. Hair removal is permanent, so do it the right way.