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Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? Laser 101

By SDK-admin | Dec 2,2019

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Being a Laser hair removal spa in Strongsville Ohio we come across people who are new laser hair removal customers and we come across older more seasoned hair laser hair removal clients. The one question that is common between these two clients is the question does laser hair removal hurt or does your laser hair removal machine work?

How Bad Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt

Laser hair removal hurts as much as about a pinch every 10 secs. Many laser customer experience is different and depending on the treatment areas. There are definitely a lot of treatment areas that are in sensitive areas like the Brazilian area, the chest, and armpits.

All laser machines are not created equal: Some laser machines are older and don’t have the new technologies that create the same lasting results without so much discomfort. Other Laser spas have come up with their own special techniques for coping with the pain during a session.

Overall you should experience a little discomfort when you are receiving these laser treatments so don’t be alarmed if it starts to hurt a little.

If it hurts too much and the pain is unbearable then something is wrong with the spas lasers or they are using too high of a setting on your skin. The level of discomfort that is typical with laser hair removal is somewhere in the middle of the discomfort scale.

why does laser hair removal hurt?

Removing hair hurts it truly does. When we look back at the history of hair removal and see waxing sugaring shaving and tweezing, we see that hair removal is discomforting.

Never has it been so pain-free. Laser hair removal is the least painful form of hair removal besides the standard method of shaving. However, Laser hair removal is less dangerous then shaving and cuts and abrasions don’t ever occur with lasers.

Lasers have been the only proven way to remove hair once and for all. Once hair is completely removed it doesn’t grow back. If you truly want that hair gone there is only one way that is scientifically proven to remove hair completely and that’s with lasers.

 Ways To Make Laser Hair Removal not hurt

There are many ways to combat the minimal discomfort of laser hair removal. The first way is to start with a small treatment area so that you can tell how the rest of the treatments are going to go.

If you have a minimal pain tolerance then you will probably should get laser removal on sensitive areas like the Brazilian before bumping up your pain tolerance a little with more sensitive areas.

Another way to combat laser hair removal pain is to freeze a popsicle stick full of ice and rub it on the treatment areas while doing the laser treatment.

Experienced technicians can perform this type of treatments and in my experience, the pain was definitely less painful than without the ice cube.

All in all laser hair removal is a fairly pain-free experience, however, if you want to completely be pain-free ask your spa to see if they have any special treatment options that will make the process more comfortable for you.