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DIY Laser Hair Removal | Is It Worth It?

By SDK-admin | Apr 9,2020

COVID 19 has caused all of us to spend more time at home than we ever have ever before. Result? We are all itching to get the services we know and love. However, we can’t do that because of the countrywide shutdown. So, what can we do? DIY Laser Hair Removal? Is it risky, should I do it? What does it cost? We will answer all those questions below! Let’s jump in.

Is at Home Laser Hair Removal Risky?

Well of course it is. DIY Laser hair removal treatments are not administered by a certified esthetician who has gone to school for this stuff. You trying to laser yourself will result in the following.

  • Damaged skin
  • Redness irritated skin
  • Permanente damage
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Skin abnormalities
  • Poor results

The only way you should be doing at home laser hair removal if you live with a certified esthetician but even then the machines that they sell online for the price they offer are a complete scam.

DIY Laser Hair Removal Cost

So, if you have read to here and you are still interested the least, we can do is give you some price points on this stuff. However, coming from a medical spa who does this day in and day out for a living we probably know a thing or two… just putting that out there.

Do it yourself laser hair removal products are listed anywhere from $50-$1000 dollars. We would like to state that we don’t endorse these products and we definitely don’t think you should purchase these products, however, we believe that you are entitled to at least knowing this information. Tell us what you think about this blog below!