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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Sep 25,2019

Guide To Laser Hair Removal Treatment  Guide to Laser Hair Removal Treatment: I have a problem; I work in the med spa industry and I keep getting asked about laser hair removal treatments. Customers or prospects keep asking me questions that I thought were common knowledge. Through research I found that these questions have not […]

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal | Tips and Tricks

Oct 7,2019

To prepare for laser hair removal the following must be done: • Don’t tan before a treatment (sunburns might make it uncomfortable and can pigment the skin) • Shave 24 hours before the appointment • Avoid direct sunlight 12 hours before treatment • Don’t drink coffee before if you get nervous easily (laser hair removal […]

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Does It Take To Fully Get Rid Of Hair?

Oct 20,2019

The amount of Laser hair removal treatments differs per person and per Medspa, however, in our spa, we found that the average number of sessions to get rid of unwanted hair in a given area takes 5-10 session. Below are some average number of sessions depending on hair and skin type. Dark Hair Pale Skin: […]

How Long Does It Take For Laser Hair Removal To Work?

Nov 4,2019

Laser Hair Removal typically takes a couple of min for each treatment area. Depending on the hair type and hair color these sessions could take longer. For instance, the back area would take longer than the arm area because it is a much bigger treatment area and calls for more treatments. If you are looking […]

Can I get laser hair removal on my chest?

Nov 9,2019

We get asked questions a lot at Skin Deep Laser spa. One question we get often is can I get laser hair removal on my chest. The answer is yes, all genders can get laser hair removal on the chest area. We can do laser hair removal on virtually every part of the body. How […]

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Laser Hair Removal

Nov 15,2019

In our many years in the industry, we get asked many questions. One of the most typical questions we get typically from parents and teenagers is how old do you have to be to get laser hair removal?  In order to receive laser hair removal, you have to be at least 14 years of age. […]

Laser Hair Removal For Men | Ultimate Guide

Nov 18,2019

Men are always asking questions about laser hair removal, but most men don’t take action on getting removal treatments. We bilevel that one-day laser hair removal for men will as popular as laser hair removal for women. We see a lot of athletes, swimmers, and bodybuilders that come in on a regular basis to get […]

What is the best at home laser hair removal treatment?

Nov 21,2019

There are many ways to do at home laser hair removal. There are many at-home laser hair removal treatments but how do I know they work?  Well in this brief but to the point blog post we are going to tell you the best remedy for at home laser hair removal. Above it all we […]

The Laser Hair Removal System | How Does It Work?

Dec 2,2019

What is the laser hair removal system and how does it work? The Laser Hair Removal System is the whole process in which laser hair removal occurs. There are 5 total steps to this laser hair removal system. Step 1: Preparation- This is getting the treatment area ready by shaving and showering before the laser […]

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? Laser 101

Dec 2,2019

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? Being a Laser hair removal spa in Strongsville Ohio we come across people who are new laser hair removal customers and we come across older more seasoned hair laser hair removal clients. The one question that is common between these two clients is the question does laser hair removal hurt […]

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work? Tattoo Removal Guide

Dec 9,2019

If you are interested in laser tattoo removal you have probably had a bad experience with a tattoo artist or made a regretful decision in getting a tattoo. Don’t worry there is hope for you! Laser Hair Removal completely removes tattoo if done by the right laser spa. Being the only laser tattoo removal spa […]

Different Types Of Laser Hair Removal | Laser Hair Removal 101

Dec 9,2019

What are the different types of laser hair removal and how does these different types of laser hair removal remove hair? Well, we are glad you asked. Here are the different types of laser hair removal. Small treatment areas, toes, fingers, feet and hands Lower legs Upper legs Entire legs Bikini line Bikini Brazilian Full […]

Why Would You Want Ohio Laser Hair Removal? Benefits of Laser

Jan 13,2020

I will confess, Ohio laser hair removal has never been better. With a rise in technology and a continued improvement in lasting results, laser hair removal spas have been popping up all over the united states. What’s the result? The best possible hair solution for your needs. Laser hair removal technology has gotten so good […]

DIY Laser Hair Removal | Is It Worth It?

Apr 9,2020

COVID 19 has caused all of us to spend more time at home than we ever have ever before. Result? We are all itching to get the services we know and love. However, we can’t do that because of the countrywide shutdown. So, what can we do? DIY Laser Hair Removal? Is it risky, should […]